Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My Miserable Crepe Failure

Just a few days ago, I decided "I feel like making dessert!" Now this is not a strange or new thing for me to say, its actually rather common. So I started going through my virtual list of recipes and ideas in my head. I came up with crepes. Now I don't think I have ever made crepes before but I was determined to try. I got the Gluten Free batter all ready (I used one of Pamela's crepe recipe recipes. click here to go to Pamela's home page) and started heating up my pan. What happened next, I'm very embarrassed about. The crepes did not flip and became large, layered pancakes (as the pictures show). They were not worthy of being called crepes. When I think of them I imagine a thin pancake with fresh juicy strawberries, whipped cream and a sprinkling of powdered sugar. All served up on a white plate at some fancy French restaurant. My crepes were... let's just say that they were the begining of a new creation called "the fat crepe" (in other words, a pancake). I had a few toppings in mind before I started making the crepes. I thought "wouldn't either, yogurt, or fruit, or even ice-cream taste good on these?!" So I kept my good attitude (or what was left of it) and finished making my fat clumpy crepes.
As you can see I topped them with maple syrup flavored yogurt and canned peaches. It was soooo good. I'm not usually the one to go for yogurt but with the crepe and peaches it was just so yummy.

Next time you make something that doesn't come out perfectly, improvise. I bet you could find a way to make it awesome like I did!

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Monday, November 12, 2007

crumb is moving

People are starting to learn about my business so I have created another blog! It will be 95% about crumb with the occasional story about me. Check it out if you are interested!
I will be posting soon!!
Your fellow blogger,

Friday, October 26, 2007

Who is your favorite chef and/or cooking show?

Please join in the "Who's your favorite chef and/or cooking show" survey! After, I will post the results of the most popular chef and/or show!
You can email me your choice or comment it. $40 a Day 30 Minute Meals 2 Dudes Catering Ace of Cakes All American Festivals BBQ with Bobby Flay Barefoot Contessa Behind the Bash Boy Meets Grill Dave Does Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives Dinner: Impossible Easy Entertaining with Michael Chiarello Everyday Italian Food 911 Feasting on Asphalt Food Finds FoodNation with Bobby Flay Food Network Awards Food Network Specials The Food Network Challenge Good Deal with Dave Lieberman Giadas Weekend Getaways Emeril Live The Essence of Emeril Glutton for Punishment with Bob Blumer The Gourmet Nest Door Good Eats Good Food Fast with Family Circle Guy's Big Bite Ham on The Street Have Fork Will Travel Healthy Appetite With Ellie Krieger How to Boil Water The Hungry Detective Inside Dish with Rachael Ray Into the Fire Iron Chef Iron Chef America
Julia Child
kitchen Accomplished Mark Bittman Molto Mario Martha Stewart Living The Next Food Network Star (any season) The Next Iron Chef Nigella Bites Nigella Express Nigella Feasts Party Line With the Hearty Boys Paulas Home Cooking Paulas Party Quick Fix Meals with Robin Miller Tasty Travels Recipe for Success Restaurant Makeover Road Tasted Roker on the Road Saras Secrets The Secret Life of... Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee Simply Delicioso Sugar Rush Sweet Dreams Throwdown with Bobby Flay Top 5 Tyler's Ultimate Unwrapped Wolfgang Puck's Cooking Class The Results so far: (The number indicates the amount of votes for that show! If you regurly watch the show it = 1 vote. If you occasionaly watch it, it recieves 1/2 of a vote. I know, its complicated.) Number of voters: 1 Good Eats - 1 Iron Chef - 1 Dinner: Impossible - 1 Throwdown with Bobby Flay - 1 Ming Tasi - 1 Resturant Makeover - 1 Food Network Challengers - 1/2 Diners Drive-ins and Dives - 1/2 Ham on the street - 1/2 Next Food Network Star - 1/2 Next Iron Chef - 1/2 Feasting on Asphalt - 1/2 If there is a chef or show I forgot to list here please tell me by email or comment. Thanks, your fellow blogger, Dylan

Thursday, October 18, 2007

October Sadness

Dear readers, I am sorry that I have been so busy with school that I have not been able to post. This is really discouraging for me since I love talking and posting to my beloved readers. I have been added to Gluten a go go's "Zoom around" list. Since this I have been getting many more people looking at my work/blog. I am sad that I don't have anything for you to read (which will be hopefully changing soon). So I have not disappeared from the front of the earth, I have been working my ass off with all the homework. Keep visiting, I promos there will be new stuff coming soon!! your fellow blogger, Dylan

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Cooking for my brother's class Camping trip

After I was asked to cook for my brother's class camping trip, I started brain storming (check out my previous post "An Update of My Life"). What do kids like to eat? How big is the fire pit? When will the trip be? These were just a few of the many questions that were going through my mind. My parents and I talked about all the questions I had. I knew I did not want to make hamburgers and hot dogs, they are so boring and standard for a fire/grill cooked meal. So after looking and thinking about all the ideas and possibilities I came up with an elegantly simple meal that ever one would love! (I hoped!)
Warm chili on top of a fire baked potato with roasted corn on the cob.
My sister, my brother and I love to toast our marshmallows and then put a piece of chocolate inside (like a chocolate kiss). The warmth of the marshmallow would melt the chocolate leaving you with a s'more -like dessert without the cracker.
So they had marshmallows with chocolate kisses
Maple yogurt with strawberries and sweet ginger crumbs (to be posted soon!), with apple crisp, and yummy corn bread.
I arrived at the camp site and started setting up all my equipment (table, knife, cutting board, and so on) I stoked up the fire and started cooking. Before, I opened the corn up leaving on the husks and took off the silks. I closed the husks back up and soaked them in some water. Then I took them out and wrapped them in tinfoil (but do not squeeze all the water off or out, or else they will not steam!!!) Then I roasted them on the fire! I added the potatoes (which were also wrapped in tinfoil and pre-cooked for approx. 45 minutes). I heated up the chili and served it on top of the potato.
It was a great experience, and now I can say I have cooked on a fire!
More updates will be coming soon,
your fellow blogger,

Saturday, September 22, 2007

An Update of My Life

Just a few days ago my friend set me up with a baker who makes all sorts of cakes and pies. So after thinking about it for like 20 seconds I decided that "yes I want to do this, and anyway I need some more practice making pies!" After calling her and arranging a date, I am now an apprentice!! This was one of the last things I thought would happen to me. I was looking for an apprenticeship for a long time until I gave up because everyone who I went to either did not have time or I needed to be older. Now a few months later my friend found me a teacher!! My school requires every student to join an after school activity, so I joined a writing club hoping to be able to write recipes. To make a long story short, a bunch of teachers saw/visited my blog. A few days later my brother's teacher came to me and asked me if I would like to cook for their camping trip! I was overwhelmed with joy!!! I get to cook Gluten Free for my brother's whole class, so they can see that gluten free food is not gross but scrumptious!!! I am in the process of finding/making recipes for the trip! I am so excited!! My name is getting out there and I am so happy that it is!! I owe a lot of it to Karina, who has been helping me and mentioning me on her blog! Thank you to everyone else who have been supporting me. Thanks mom and dad! Thank you fellow bloggers for commenting and leaving me your thoughts! keep reading and I will keep writing, Talk to you soon, Your fellow blogger, Dylan

Interview with my brother about being Gluten Free

(Don't ask about the picture, I just thought it was cool....even though it has nothing to do with the subject!)

Celiac Disease:
When food enters the small intestine, tiny fingerlike projections called villi absorb the nutrients and take them away to the blood stream. When people with celiac disease eat gluten, it attacks the villi and makes them inflamed and eventually they shrivel up, flatten out or totally disappear. Without properly functioning villi, the body can not absorb the nutrients it needs. After time, if no gluten is eaten, the villi grow back but not as quickly as they are killed. If you have celiac disease it is very important to not eat gluten. If too much gluten is absorbed, it can lead to serious injury and could result in the body not getting the nutrients it needs. Approximately 3 million Americans have celiac disease.

(Resources: Newsweek, September 17 2007 edition, page 61 "Waiter, Please Hold the Wheat")

A few days ago I interviewed my brother Evan about having celiac disease and living gluten free! Here is some Q and A with Evan,

How do you deal with not eating gluten in school and life in general?

It almost feels right now; I do not feel much different. My friends share food and I can not do that so it becomes annoying. Class trips are difficult to work out. I can not eat what everyone else is eating, so there has to be a totally different meal for me.

Do you miss gluten foods?

When I was diagnosed with celiac I was very young and I did not taste all the different kinds of foods other normal people have everyday. There is no food/dish that I really miss. Pizza I kinda miss, but I do not totally remember what it tastes like. It’s hard to say. I have it easy, my dad was diagnosed with celiac when he was an adult, so he really remembers and misses gluten foods. I try to think of it differently, the positive side, that it is healthier. It's not that I miss gluten as much but the difference between textures and tastes, I wish I could have something new.

Do you wish you could eat gluten?

Usually it's the smell, not the look that does it for me. It's not remembering something that makes me miss it but that I never got to try it, that’s what bothers me. I do wish that I did not have celiac. I am not per se happy to be a celiac. If I wasn’t, there would be more different and yummy kinds of foods but not as healthy kinds of foods. Altogether I do not mind being a celiac. It’s not a terrible thing for me because I do not remember gluten foods, and that makes it easy.

Are there any advantages or good things about being Gluten Free?

You eat healthier; and you get to have something different than what other people are eating. People can buy cake in the grocery store all the time but when I get to have a store-bought gf cake it's new, different and exciting. Biscotti, I probably only had that because it said it was gluten free and we were like oh cool, let's try it. I do not ever remember having biscotti with gluten. So for me some of this stuff is new and different. I do not think biscotti is a very regular thing and I got to eat it! For me it's a real treat to find something gf in a regular grocery store where gluten eaters get their foods too.

How did it feel / what was it like when you ate gluten?

I felt, from what I can remember, nauseous, sleepy, grouchy, drowsy, headache, hot and sweaty and a horrible stomach ache. "...one of the main things is that it is going to be one of the worst nights of your life!" You are up all night and you feel horrible.

What do you eat for breakfast and dessert?

I have a variety of different things I eat in the morning from, bagels, toast to cereal (envirokidz, naturespath). Last year I had a bagel with butter almost every day! As you can tell I love these bagels! The annoying thing is that you have to toast the bread, if you don't it does not taste as good. I miss having soft bread, that most people have every day.

Do you have any advice for people with celiac disease?

Find a place you can order large amounts of gluten free products, like co-op orders. Health food stores have a lot of gluten free products. The Outback Steakhouse has a great Gluten Free menu, that ranges from desserts to full meals, including fresh, soft, Gluten Free bread!!!!

What do you take for lunch at school?

When packing your lunch having veggies is a good idea, because they are a good for you and make a good filling substitute for sandwiches and other main foods. I take some chips, a cookie and some veggies and some other stuff like last night’s dinner or something like that. "...when you are gluten free you are going to have to surrender to veggies..." In my school we do not have a cafeteria so everyone brings their own lunches so I do not feel so strange and left out. A lot of teachers and students in my school know a bit about celiac, so this is really helpful on class trips and stuff like that. In our cooking class our teacher knows almost all the basics about celiac disease so it’s nice to cook and bake something gluten free at school!

Sharing food with other people:

Do not take any food from other people even if you know that the product is gluten free. What happens a lot is that someone will be eating a sandwich and then they reach for some chips. Most likely they do/did not wash their hands before grabbing the chips. The only time that you can be totally sure that the product is gluten free is when you open the bag for the first time and take your chips first. This does not work if the chips are in a zip-lock bag or a container that has been opened and placed into another storage container. The chance of the person who transferred the food into another container using their hands, results in possibly "glutenized" food.

Do you have any tips when shopping for food?

If you find something that you want but are not sure that it's gluten free the first place to start is by looking at the ingredients. Then look to see if it may contain traces of wheat or gluten during processing or packaging. NOTICE: IF IT SAYS WHEAT FREE IT DOES NOT MEAN IT'S GLUTEN FREE!!!!!! If you think it’s ok but not totally sure, go to their web site or email them and ask if this product is Gluten Free. With some items that there is a chance of it being not gluten free, I would advise you not to take this chance. Some people will not give you a direct answer if it's gluten free or not, if so I would advise you not to take the chance.

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Veggie Salad

Just a few days ago I realized that my mom had some Chinese spoons. Now I love these things, I have seen them on all of those cooking shows (Top Chef, Iron Chef America and so on....) but have never used them. So last night I started using my noodle and thinking of a way to use these awesome spoons!

To make this you will need:

1 cucumber
1 red bell pepper (so you can use 1/2 red and 1/2 green but I like the color contrast with the red!)
1 red tomato
pinch of salt
1 garlic (finly sliced than smashed with salt using the side of knife)

Take your cucumber and cut it in half. Scoop out all the seeds so you are left with just the flesh (if you will). Finely chop all the ingredients and place into a blow. Add the salt and mix (I use my hands its easier *don't tell anyone*)
When you are ready to serve pull out your Chinese spoons and scoop some of the veggies into it. Sprinkle with a little more salt on the spoon to taste. Garnish with some parsley, cilantro or nothing, whatever you like!

serve cool

The Veggies

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Friday, September 14, 2007


I have to start by saying that, I was crazy when I was writing my previous post called September. Now I just finished my 2nd week of school and I have realized that it is almost impossible to cook/bake and do my homework. The past few days I have been up to mid-night and still have not finished all of my work, and this is supposed to be an easy block! I am going to start to bake on the weekends, so maybe I can get some cookin' done! I am going to keep pushing forward and try to wait for the weekend to cook. But I will make sure that when I get some orders from my new job c r u m b I will be all desserts and treats! Thank you for your understanding and support. Your fellow blogger, Dylan

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Summer Plants

This year my mom decided to grow cucumbers in the garden. I had never grown cucumbers so I had no idea that the plant looked almost like a long vine that stretched across path-ways and into the next flower bed. They started out as small yellow flowers that sprung out from the prickly vines. As time passed small little swells in the vines appeared underneath the flower. The swells grew bigger and bigger soon the flower died and fell off leaving a whole ripe yummy cucumber for someone to pick! The plant is so big that it is still flowering and making cucumbers! I love walking in the almost nonexistent paths to the Vinny mess and feeling my way through the leaves looking for a cucumber the right size.

We also have a wild grape vine that is hanging from a tree across the drive way. We have watched them go from green to blue to purple. Its almost time to pick them and they look so good! This is going to be the first year picking them and hopefully it will be worth pulling out the tallest ladder to reach them :)

Summer is coming to a close. The weather has gotten cooler and the leaves are just starting to get gold, orange and red. Enjoy the rest of the summer while it lasts, all the smells and fresh air, the veggies and fruit, the warmth, the grass between your toes and the beautiful walks in the woods. Take it in while its still here!

scarlet runner beans

prickly cucumber that is almost at its picking point

wild grapes about to turn purple.

Happy Fall :)
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September, it means two things my birthday is coming soon, and school is starting. I have not been blogging for very long, but long enough to tell you that its hard to do school work and create recipes and blog them. Blogging, (which includes, creating recipes, eating, posting, commenting and so on) is a way to escape the nagging feeling that tomorrow you will be going to school again for the next 8 months (give or take). Sadly school starts for me tomorrow. But I am going to try brake my record and blog ever day, so I can keep myself happy and satisfy my readers with new GF recipes! Cooking has become my life and there is no reason to abandon it now! hmm school work then cooking, I think I can do that :)

Now Dylan's Gluten Freedom is open during the school year! :)

Enjoy, your fellow blogger, Dylan
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Purple Potatoes

This week when I saw the potatoes from out farm pick up (read my post on Roxbury Farm) I was not surprised. They looked like normal potatoes with dark skins and small dimples where the roots came out from. Their dirty exterior told you that these are defiantly fresh! That night as my mom was making diner, as she started to peal the skin off of the potatoes to make baked fries, she calls me over and says "Do you have your camera?" As I look over my moms shoulder into the shiny sink I see a pile of PURPLE potatoes! I was astonished, they were so beautiful, the purple color bleeding into the white. The more you peeled off the outside flesh the more purple they became. After my mom baked them and put them onto the diner table, we all tried them. They were just like potatoes maybe a little better (with a my dollop of ketchup I could not tell) but I devoured them. Its amazing what many amazing kinds of foods and ingredients there are out there. Nature has its way of making our ordinary ingredients like potatoes totally different and amazing.

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Sunday, September 2, 2007


I have been working on my blog, so if something is missing (recipe, posts, pictures) that you would like to see again, please, feel free to comment on this or any post reminding me of what i am missing! Work is still in progress, if something is not working, please check in again soon.
your fellow blogger, Dylan

Saturday, September 1, 2007

My 8 random facts about myself

See the Beginning of this Meme at Karina's blog

I was tagged by Karina The Gluten Free Goddess

Here are my 8 random facts about myself!!

1. Besides being a Gluten Free Chef I also love doing art, photography, wood working, writing and anything that includes a computer!

2. I go to a waldorf school, where we have a class that is the joy of my life called eurythmy (I actually hate this class!!!)

3. I have not had a coke in almost 2 years

4. I have never broken any bones in my life. (I have only fractured my finger playing football)

5. I do not think I know 8 other bloggers!

6. I sleep with a pillow on top of my head to keep my ears warm. I do not have big ears but I always want to keep them warm. I wear a hat in school even though I'm not supposed to!

7. When I was little, you know how you crawl before you walk. Let's just say I was different. I rolled, then crawled (only for a very little time) then I learned to walk. And even stranger now is that i can not even go on a swing set because i get so dizzy so easily!

8. When I was little and i was suposed to be napping, i would climb out of my crib, open the door and go downstairs to my mom and dad. I would always get out.

Now that I have spilled the most embarrassing memories of my past I am going to tag...

Pastry Girl at Dessert First
Shauna at Gluten Free Girl

I am only Tagging two people because I am relatively new to this blogging thing and do not know many people/other bloggers.

The fine print:
The rules for this meme are:
1. Let others know who tagged you.
2. Players start with 8 random facts about themselves.
3. Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts.
4. Players should tag 8 other people and notify them they have been tagged. (Unlike me :)
5. Email the link of your meme to Karina

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c r u m b update No. 1

This is a picture of my mom and dad's anniversary cake. It is not the best cake I have made (even though I wish it was), but was planning it for weeks. This cake symbolizes two people coming and meeting in the center and living a long and happy life together. The idea is that the two solid chocolate kisses are my parents and they are crossing the chocolate bridge to get to one another. Very touching, I know, they are my parents and this is their anniversary and I wanted it to be as meaningful as possible!

c r u m b update No. 1

I am going to give you a little look at my new business and how things are going so far.

Last week I baked a few of my favorite cakes and brought them into my favorite local stores/cafe's and asked if they would like to sell my cakes. Before I get to how it went, I am going to tell you what I made for them to sample/test. I made a Chocolate Cake with an amazing chocolate frosting (I know, its very simple but...This cake with the icing is out-of-this-world. I wanted to have some classics and what's more classic than a chocolate cake?!) I made a carrot cake with the best cream cheese icing i could find (I do not think that there is a better cream cheese icing out there!) And last but not least a yummy cheese cake (It is a recipe that my mom got from one of her friends. and trust me when I say IT'S GOOD!)
Now I am just waiting, hoping, praying (OK, I'm not praying but I'm close to it :) for one of them to call.

I am still working on new recipes and ideas so I can have a large variety of different desserts and treats.

I am so happy to have a supportive family... I would not have even made it here if my parents were not constantly helping me. And thank you fellow bloggers for your support (It is a part of what is keeping me moving forward!)

Please let me know what you think of my new business and tell me if you have any advice (I think I need it)

Your Humble blogger and friend,

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GF Waffles

This recipe have many different variations, you can add chocolate chips and make them even better!

You will need a 6 ½ inch waffle iron
Makes 8, 6 ½ inch waffles

If Using Pamelas…

2 – cups Pamelas Baking mix
1 ¾ - cups milk
6 – tablespoons vegetable oil (I found that olive oil works just as well)
2 – large eggs
½ cup chocolate chip morsels (optional)

If Not Using Pamerlas…

2 – cups flour (you can use your favorite Gluten Free flour or baking mix)
2 – tablespoons sugar (if you are using a mix of different flours and in the ingredients it has sugar already, the extra sugar mentioned here may not be needed!)**
1 – tablespoon baking powder*
½ - teaspoon salt*
1 ¾ - cups milk
6 – tablespoons vegetable oil (like I said above, I found that olive oil works just as well)
2 – large eggs
½ cup chocolate chip morsels (optional)

**With the sugar you may have to test and see if it needs it (it depends how sweet you like them)
*With the baking powder and salt you probably don’t need it if your four mix already had salt and baking powder in it. You may have to test a little and some up with your own version that works with your flour mix.

The Procedure

Mix all the ingredients together by hand or with a mixer (I mix it by hand because the hard labor stimulates the appetite J ) until combine. Let better sit a few minutes before cooking/baking (does the waffle iron cook or bake?) Spray the top and bottom grills of the waffle iron (spray is more convenient than butter because its harder to coat the grills with a stick of butter. It does not always get into the crevices) pour ½ cup of batter onto the bottom grill towards the center. Most waffle irons have timers or settings like your toaster, like how brown do you want them to be. But if yours does not have one you need to cook of approx. 3 minutes, resulting in a crispy, golden brown outside and a soft inside. Keep an eye on your waffles during cooking, every brand of waffle iron had different cooking times.

Serve with: ice cream – fresh fruit – Nutella heated up with a little milk or cream – maple syrup – Jam and/or jelly!
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My Previous Job of Chocolates

A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....
No that's not right... but anyway I used to make chocolates and sell them to my grandparents who run and own their own store.
after realizing that i was much more into baking i decided to stop, but i sometimes still have this urge to make chocolates. I have posted some of the many different kinds of creations i made. maybe some day in the future i will go back to making chocolates.... you never know :)

*These pictures contain some very yummy items and may not be suitable for hungry people. Serious injury can occur if a hungry person tries to eat these very yummy items resulting in being electrocuted an/or being seriously injured!*

"cups of joy" a yummy chocolate cup filled with creamy icing!

"chocolate lollipops" these are for Christmas but i had over 20 different kind of molds.

"sweet dreams" marshmallows covered in chocolate and sprinkles

(on the left) candy canes dipped in chocolate (on the right) white chocolate with candy cane chunks
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Pictures that are special to me

My first picture with my digital camera (and how surprising, its of food!)

Ahh don't you just love waking up to (GF) french toast in the morning?!

This picture is the top to my (well really my mom's) mixer, we were making some sort of salad dressing and look what came out! Its ART i tell you!!

you can't go wrong with a little basil.... well maybe a lot of basil!
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Out-of-this-world Chocolate coffee Ice Cream

This is an amazing recipe and is perfect for one of those hot days (like today) when you just don't want to do anything. The cold will help clear you head and the sweet of the coffee and sugar will wake you up. The beautiful color and aroma fill your heart with joy as the smooth silky ice cream slides down off the spoon and into your mouth.
I am getting a little carried away... my whole family loves this ice cream my sister loves the coffee and my brother loves the chocolate and mixed together its so good!!

I am basically allergic to dairy, so i use lactose free milk instead of normal milk or cream. you can substitute it with either plain milk or half milk and half cream.

One little potential problem, you need an ice cream maker to enjoy this recipe.
I would suggest getting an ice cream maker either an attachment to an kitchenaid mixer or the whole machine itself. they really only have two purposes, to make ice cream or to make sorbet.

for this recipe you need,

3 - cups lactose free milk
3/4 - sugar
1 - packet of hot cocoa mix (I have been using Nestle, but i think any kind will work)
1 to 2 tablespoons chocolate syrup
3 - tablespoons coffee*
1 - teaspoon vanilla

*since i am not the biggest fan of coffee i use less, but if you want more feel free to use more!*

Mix the milk, sugar, hot cocoa mix, and chocolate syrup in a bowl until the sugar has dissolved. (just get most of it off the bottom or else you could be mixing for hours!)
Pour the mixture into the ice cream maker and turn it on for 25-30 minutes. (the time depends how you like the texture of the ice cream to be!)
after it has finished cooling and is in the consistency of you desire add the pre-brewed cool coffee into your ice cream and mix once again until incorporated.

serve cold and enjoy!

since my family loved it so much, by the time i could take a picture there was only a little left. do not be fooled by the little bit of container in the pictures.

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c r u m b

I have just started my own business. (yes I may be a little young, and no I am not going to let that stop me!) I have always loved making cakes, and desserts so I am going to keep pushing foward. I am going to/already selling my baked goodies to other stores around my home town. I have baked for my own gradutaion (3 cakes fully decorated, 1 Gluten Free cake, and 40+ cupcakes.) I know stress. Imagine catering the desserts for your graduation and having to worry about being on time and the cakes not melting, the icing not getting squished and smashed, and having all the right utensils to fix any transportation glitches. Above all that I still had to do everything to prepare myself! (shower, pick out/get clothing, and all the other stuff a guy has to do!) Now back to the subject, I have also catered for a friend's birthday 2 years in a row. (He and his parents have always been happy and amazed with the final product.) I also used to sell molded chocolates at my grandparents' store. So now I am moving onto the next level. Right now it's calling to me and saying "Dylan, you must start your own dessert business before school starts again. If you do not complete this task before school you will be doomed for the rest of the year!" Something like that... So now you have it, a little look at why I am so insane as to sart something like this. What it comes down to, is that I have always wanted to do this and now the opportunity has come! My future is calling to me :)

My new busniess is called...

c r u m b

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Living with Two Butters

My life living with two butters!
My brother and father have celiac disease and me, my sister and mom can eat gluten. We sometimes will eat gluten but since my brother and father cannot we try not to. My sister loves toast (I don't know why) and you cannot have toast without butter so that explains why "I live with two butters!"

I have made a list of 10 of the necessary Gluten Free ingredients and mixes that you should always have on hand. (The ones you will really need and the ones just for fun!)

1. Pamela's - I live on this awesome baking mix. Almost every dessert, cake, and batch of pancakes are made with this mix. It's good for almost anything, from cakes to crusts to even waffles and pancakes. It is usually found in health food stores but trust me its worth the drive!

2. Nutella - A great late night snack that's awesome on strawberries! Nutella can be found in many supermarkets now and should always be kept in large quantitys!

3. Kosher Salt - This is the only salt we use in cooking, it just makes everything tast better. I dont know why but it does!

4. Pepper Grinder - I love having a sandwich with ham and turkey with mayo and freshly ground pepper. It's so much stronger than the stuff you buy pre-ground. I got my grinder at William-Sonoma but you Do Not need to spend $50 on a pepper grinder, so suport you neighborhood cooking store and buy one from them.

5. Salsa - You just cannot go wrong with some chips and salsa!

6. Fresh Veggies - They are the best thing to have. They just taste so much better. I get veggies from an awesome farm that is totally into not using chemicals (check out my post about Roxbury Farm)

7. Brownie, Cake and Apple crisp topping mixes - It's a late night and you have nothing for dessert but since you have celiac desease you cannot go to your nearest bakery, so you just bake up a batch of brownies. Yum I'm hungry just thinking about it!

8. Spices and Herbs - My family has a garden that we are growing many kinds of herbs and a few veggies! Even if you don't have a garden you can still get almost fresh herbs from your supermarket. I love cinnamon and other spices in my apple and pumpkin pies so I always try to keep a nice bunch of them around.

9. Chocolate - In any form will do (chocolate chips, chunks and pieces!) I even keep a bag of peanutbutter chocolate chips around for those special mornings with peanutbutter chocolate chip pancakes.

10. Pasta - Any Gluten free pasta that you like. We use Tinkyada If a dish goes wrong you have a back up!
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Creamy Ricotta and Fresh Fruit

I think this is an awesome recipe. It's just sweet enough to satisfy that sweet tooth and healthy with all the fresh fruit. It's based upon a cannoli recipe from both Jamie Oliver and Martha Stewart. It's a great Italian classic with a twist!

serves app. 5 depending on serving size

32 oz Ricotta (drain any liquid off the top)
1 Tablespoon Vanilla
1/4 cup Sugar
app. 1 cup chocolate chips, as many as you want :)
Any kind of fruit you would like. I used strawberries, cherries, blueberries and blackberries. They all should be washed and sliced. You may want to add a little sugar to the strawberries so they let out their juices.
5 cookies, some sweet bread, or something crunchy to put on the fruit and ricotta.

Fresh blueberries, cherries and strawberries with a little sugar.

Put your ricotta, sugar and vanilla into a food processor and blend it for about 1 minute. After the ricotta gets a smooth creamy texture, take it out and put it into a bowl with the chocolate chips! Mix till the chocolate chips are evenly distributed.

Creamy Ricotta and chocolate chips.

Place ricotta and chocolate chips into ice cream cups or anything you like. Start by layering the fruit onto the ricotta. Then crumble your cookie or sweet bread on top!

Ricotta, fruit and cookie!

Serve cool and enjoy!
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My Graduation

For my 8th grade graduation I was asked to make the desserts. I was thrilled and could hardly wait to begin. I started planning and drawing out ideas. For the next few days I don't think I did any school work! After figuring out what kind of cakes I was going to make, I started to get a list of things I would need. After shopping for stuff, I started baking and making the frostings. And then baking some more and making some more frosting. Repeating until completed. Then the big day came. I finished just in time without cutting any corners. I arrived at my school (where the graduation was to be held) and started setting the cakes up. Now I am still amazed I pulled this whole thing off with only some help from my parents who totally kept me going. I got so many compliments that I could of drowned! I only wish I could have made them Gluten Free. Here are some pictures of the awesome cakes and desserts I made! (even if I do say so myself)

White chocolate coconut cake with butter cream frosting

Chocolate cake with butter cream frosting and fondant circles

A piece of each of the cakes that I made. (Even though you were only meant to have one slice.) Well I had to make sure that it all tasted good! :)

French genoise cake with chocolate ganache frosting with strawberries and white chocolate

I also made some cupcakes and a Gluten Free chocolate cake for my dad and brother, so they could enjoy and celebrate with us.
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