Saturday, September 1, 2007

Living with Two Butters

My life living with two butters!
My brother and father have celiac disease and me, my sister and mom can eat gluten. We sometimes will eat gluten but since my brother and father cannot we try not to. My sister loves toast (I don't know why) and you cannot have toast without butter so that explains why "I live with two butters!"

I have made a list of 10 of the necessary Gluten Free ingredients and mixes that you should always have on hand. (The ones you will really need and the ones just for fun!)

1. Pamela's - I live on this awesome baking mix. Almost every dessert, cake, and batch of pancakes are made with this mix. It's good for almost anything, from cakes to crusts to even waffles and pancakes. It is usually found in health food stores but trust me its worth the drive!

2. Nutella - A great late night snack that's awesome on strawberries! Nutella can be found in many supermarkets now and should always be kept in large quantitys!

3. Kosher Salt - This is the only salt we use in cooking, it just makes everything tast better. I dont know why but it does!

4. Pepper Grinder - I love having a sandwich with ham and turkey with mayo and freshly ground pepper. It's so much stronger than the stuff you buy pre-ground. I got my grinder at William-Sonoma but you Do Not need to spend $50 on a pepper grinder, so suport you neighborhood cooking store and buy one from them.

5. Salsa - You just cannot go wrong with some chips and salsa!

6. Fresh Veggies - They are the best thing to have. They just taste so much better. I get veggies from an awesome farm that is totally into not using chemicals (check out my post about Roxbury Farm)

7. Brownie, Cake and Apple crisp topping mixes - It's a late night and you have nothing for dessert but since you have celiac desease you cannot go to your nearest bakery, so you just bake up a batch of brownies. Yum I'm hungry just thinking about it!

8. Spices and Herbs - My family has a garden that we are growing many kinds of herbs and a few veggies! Even if you don't have a garden you can still get almost fresh herbs from your supermarket. I love cinnamon and other spices in my apple and pumpkin pies so I always try to keep a nice bunch of them around.

9. Chocolate - In any form will do (chocolate chips, chunks and pieces!) I even keep a bag of peanutbutter chocolate chips around for those special mornings with peanutbutter chocolate chip pancakes.

10. Pasta - Any Gluten free pasta that you like. We use Tinkyada If a dish goes wrong you have a back up!
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