Saturday, September 1, 2007

Out-of-this-world Chocolate coffee Ice Cream

This is an amazing recipe and is perfect for one of those hot days (like today) when you just don't want to do anything. The cold will help clear you head and the sweet of the coffee and sugar will wake you up. The beautiful color and aroma fill your heart with joy as the smooth silky ice cream slides down off the spoon and into your mouth.
I am getting a little carried away... my whole family loves this ice cream my sister loves the coffee and my brother loves the chocolate and mixed together its so good!!

I am basically allergic to dairy, so i use lactose free milk instead of normal milk or cream. you can substitute it with either plain milk or half milk and half cream.

One little potential problem, you need an ice cream maker to enjoy this recipe.
I would suggest getting an ice cream maker either an attachment to an kitchenaid mixer or the whole machine itself. they really only have two purposes, to make ice cream or to make sorbet.

for this recipe you need,

3 - cups lactose free milk
3/4 - sugar
1 - packet of hot cocoa mix (I have been using Nestle, but i think any kind will work)
1 to 2 tablespoons chocolate syrup
3 - tablespoons coffee*
1 - teaspoon vanilla

*since i am not the biggest fan of coffee i use less, but if you want more feel free to use more!*

Mix the milk, sugar, hot cocoa mix, and chocolate syrup in a bowl until the sugar has dissolved. (just get most of it off the bottom or else you could be mixing for hours!)
Pour the mixture into the ice cream maker and turn it on for 25-30 minutes. (the time depends how you like the texture of the ice cream to be!)
after it has finished cooling and is in the consistency of you desire add the pre-brewed cool coffee into your ice cream and mix once again until incorporated.

serve cold and enjoy!

since my family loved it so much, by the time i could take a picture there was only a little left. do not be fooled by the little bit of container in the pictures.

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