Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Purple Potatoes

This week when I saw the potatoes from out farm pick up (read my post on Roxbury Farm) I was not surprised. They looked like normal potatoes with dark skins and small dimples where the roots came out from. Their dirty exterior told you that these are defiantly fresh! That night as my mom was making diner, as she started to peal the skin off of the potatoes to make baked fries, she calls me over and says "Do you have your camera?" As I look over my moms shoulder into the shiny sink I see a pile of PURPLE potatoes! I was astonished, they were so beautiful, the purple color bleeding into the white. The more you peeled off the outside flesh the more purple they became. After my mom baked them and put them onto the diner table, we all tried them. They were just like potatoes maybe a little better (with a my dollop of ketchup I could not tell) but I devoured them. Its amazing what many amazing kinds of foods and ingredients there are out there. Nature has its way of making our ordinary ingredients like potatoes totally different and amazing.

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