Saturday, October 6, 2007

Cooking for my brother's class Camping trip

After I was asked to cook for my brother's class camping trip, I started brain storming (check out my previous post "An Update of My Life"). What do kids like to eat? How big is the fire pit? When will the trip be? These were just a few of the many questions that were going through my mind. My parents and I talked about all the questions I had. I knew I did not want to make hamburgers and hot dogs, they are so boring and standard for a fire/grill cooked meal. So after looking and thinking about all the ideas and possibilities I came up with an elegantly simple meal that ever one would love! (I hoped!)
Warm chili on top of a fire baked potato with roasted corn on the cob.
My sister, my brother and I love to toast our marshmallows and then put a piece of chocolate inside (like a chocolate kiss). The warmth of the marshmallow would melt the chocolate leaving you with a s'more -like dessert without the cracker.
So they had marshmallows with chocolate kisses
Maple yogurt with strawberries and sweet ginger crumbs (to be posted soon!), with apple crisp, and yummy corn bread.
I arrived at the camp site and started setting up all my equipment (table, knife, cutting board, and so on) I stoked up the fire and started cooking. Before, I opened the corn up leaving on the husks and took off the silks. I closed the husks back up and soaked them in some water. Then I took them out and wrapped them in tinfoil (but do not squeeze all the water off or out, or else they will not steam!!!) Then I roasted them on the fire! I added the potatoes (which were also wrapped in tinfoil and pre-cooked for approx. 45 minutes). I heated up the chili and served it on top of the potato.
It was a great experience, and now I can say I have cooked on a fire!
More updates will be coming soon,
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