Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Birthday!

Just a few pictures from my birthday (November 2007)!!

It was so funny when my mom asked me what kind of cake I wanted for my birthday! That's usually the question I ask everyone else!
This pie was so yummy! It was a peanut-butter custard sort of filling, in a gluten free crust with a chocolate whipped cream on top! Got to find the recipe so I can post it for all you readers!

Hey Karina recognize this?
I got a hoodie for my birthday made by Karina! Help a fellow blogger and get a great jacket, it's a win win situation!
Look at all of Karina's clothing creations here, or visit her food blog at Gluten Free Goddess or her art blog at A Painter's Kitchen
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Ginger's Dog House 2007

Every year my school has a gingerbread house contest, and people from all over the area come and submit these amazing gingerbread house creations. I have never made gluten gingerbread in my life (at least that I remember) and thought that it would be a fun challenge! So in an extra room in my house far far away from the kitchen I mixed up myself a batch of gluten gingerbread dough. *Gluten Free readers will only be able to enjoy the photos. If you have any Gluten Free gingerbread recipes I would love to try them!*
It took me forever to decide what to make out of the gingerbread but finally liked the idea of a dog house. The house is supposed to resemble an imaginary dog house for our puppy Ginger. I was trying to make it like Grommet's dog house from Wallace and Grommet.
I worked on the house till the very last minute before I had to bring it to school.
The scoring worked in categories. There were categories for houses by kids with adult help and without, high-schoolers without help, and one for just adults.
I won THIRD PLACE in the high-schoolers without help category!
This was a huge accomplishment for me since I had never even made gluten gingerbread let alone entered a house in a contest.
I can not wait for next year's competition. Maybe next time I will come in first!

^Ginger's Dog House^

^The inside is decorated with presents, wreaths and striped and polka-dotted walls^

^The House is surrounded by frosting trees and coconut snow^

Happy (Very Late) Holidays!!! :)
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