Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day Three - At The Kitchen Table with Julie Gale

This is Day Three of my Practicum
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    Today we began with Polenta stuffed Mushrooms with thyme, Beef Empanadas with pine nut and ginger and lastly, Rødgrød med Fløde (Danish) or Red Fruit pudding with cream, which included raspberries, almonds and heavy cream.

    To begin we washed the mushrooms under cold water.  It is greatly debated whether to wash mushrooms directly under water or to ‘sponge’ or ‘dab’ them with a damp paper towel.  Julie said that she saw a scientific study that showed that while the mushrooms washed under direct water did absorb more water, the overall amount was minuscule compared to ‘dabbing.’  Making the Polenta was fairly easy, we just had to avoid clumps by slowly adding the corn meal, while constantly stirring.  Personally I do not care for mushrooms, and once they were stuffed with the polenta they were not that bad.  I would eat just the polenta any day though!

    The Beef Empanadas were time consuming, because each individual empanada took time to fill, fold and crimp.  While I thought that the encasing dough was a little dry, it grew on me, and I realized that this was the way they were meant to be prepared.

    The Rødgrød med Fløde was very simple but packed with flavor.  We put fresh raspberries in the food processor and pulsed until smooth.  We put the mixture through a fine sieve to separate the seeds from the fruit.  This mixture was refrigerated and then later topped with heavy cream and sliced almonds.  We both loved the intense raspberry flavor but decided that if the cream were to be whipped, it would add a new light texture which would compliment the dense raspberry pure.

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