Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gluten Free Newcomers!

        I have to say that living gf is only getting easier.  All the time I am shocked with new products that are actually ADVERTISED as gluten free! Can you believe it?  There are a few new editions to the family I would like to introduce.
        For those of you that don't know, King Arthur Flour has joined us from the dark side.  Yes, King Arthur Flour now has eight new gluten free mixes.  I think someone at King Arthur headquarters decided that Betty Crocker needed a little competition, and that they too, want a share in the gluten free market.  And that's always good news for celiacs; more competitors = more gluten free foods.
        King Arthur Flour has seven different mixes.  A bread, cookie, brownie, muffin, chocolate cake, pizza crust and pancake mix.  They also have an multipurpose flour.  I have to say that they make one mean brownie mix.  The texture and chocolaty flavor is just great!  As you can see in the photo, it did not come out of the pan in one whole piece... but since when are brownies supposed to be little indestructible bricks like you see on TV?  Naw, brownies should be crunchy/chewy on the outside and awesomely gooey on the inside.  Now I want some brownies... *where are those darn eggs...*
         All of the King Arthur Flour mixes can be found at any major supermarket.
         These items can be found on in a box set of 3 and individual for significantly cheaper.  Click the links below.  Bread 3pk., cookie 3pk., brownie 3pk., muffin 3pk., chocolate cake 3pk., pizza crust, pancake mix and All Purpose Flour

        Bisquick now also has a gluten free all purpose flour!  If you don't like the multi-grain flavor of Pamela's Baking Mix, then this maybe the perfect gluten free mix for you.  While I have only used it for making pancakes, which turned out great and had a similar texture and flavor to gluten pancakes, I think it will work well for other recipes.  I'm excited to use this as a frying batter!
        Gluten Free Bisquick is available at any major supermarket.
        You can also order it from amazon here (3 pk.).


        Have you been watching TV lately?  If you have then you have probably seen the great Gluten Free Chex commercial.  If not, you can watch it below.

        Personally I found this commercial to really capture the essence and difficulty of being a celiac.   Chex now has five gluten free cereal options.  Rice Chex, Corn Chex, Honey Nut Chex, Chocolate Chex and Cinnamon Chex.  My brother eats Chex every morning and whenever he can gets his hands on it.  I would even dare to say that he could even be addicted... and I can see why, Chex are good!
        Chex can be found at any major supermarket.  
        You can also order them here from amazon.  Rice Chex 7pk, Chocolate Chex 6pk. and Cinnamon Chex 4pk.
         Caution:  The wheat chex and multi-bran chex are NOT gluten free.  Make sure the boxes say "gluten free."
        Just a note about  Since my family uses a lot of Pamela's, we order from Amazon using their "Subscribe and Save" feature.  You can have the products you choose automatically shipped to you every month, week or as often as you specify.  You also save a percentage off of the price for pre-ordering.  This way you don't always have to order one at a time or enough to last a life time.  And you can always change the rate at which they are delivered.
         Well my gluten free friends, hopefully this will make your cooking and shopping experiences a little easier with these new gf conveniences.

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