Monday, March 24, 2008

The Essential Gluten Free Restaurant Guide

The Essential Gluten Free Restaurant Guide By Triumph Dining is a must for everyone Gluten Free!
The book is filled with thousands of restaurants that have dealt with gluten free customers, have menus, or are good at making accommodations to your gluten free needs. The book is organized by state, so finding a gluten free restaurant is easy. Each restaurant is given one to three $ signs, telling you the price of typical meals. The book is neatly symbol coded so if it says "100% GF" it means the restaurant is a 100% Gluten Free establishment, along with many others. Each restaurant in the book has a phone number and or website for you to visit if you have questions or concerns.
In the beginning of the book it gives you great advice on picking a restaurant, explaining your needs and ordering. It talks about how if you do not feel comfortable at a particular restaurant, leave.
This book will make you want to take a road trip around the US visiting all the great Gluten Free restaurants. Even if you are not traveling a lot, The Essential Gluten Free Restaurant Guide will help you build confidence in yourself, about living gluten free and explaining your needs to other people.
Triumph Dining has done an amazing job of putting together a book that will help millions of Gluten Free people! I would recommend this book to everyone!
Click Triumph Dining, then click 'Resturant Guide' to get your copy of The Essential Gluten Free Restaurant Guide or look at the many other Gluten Free tools Triumph Dining offers!
UPDATE [May 30, 2009]
Triumph Dining has released the fourth edition of The Essential Gluten Free Restaurant Guide and it is on sale now on their website. Click on the "Triumph Dining" link for more info and ordering options.
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