Thursday, July 24, 2008

Recent Cakes

Since I have not blogged in so long, I am going to do a recap of the cakes and crumb orders I have gotten over the past few months.

I got a surprise order for someone for Mother's day. Since it was spring/early summer all the flowers were blooming in our garden giving me the chance to do some heavy decorating. My mom made the funky card from the client wishing her daughter a happy mother's day. This cake turned out really beautiful with the flower decorations and once it was boxed and wrapped with ribbon I attached a bundle of assorted flowers.
This cake was a simple moist vanilla cake with an amazing chocolate frosting!

This cake was not an order but a birthday gift to one of my favorite teachers. I decorated it with spirals in bright pastel colors.
This cake consists of a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting, which by the way pipes really well!

Every year my school has a Maypole*/Grandparent's day which the grandparents of the community and of the school are invited to a celebratory meal. I was asked to make a cake for the event! That night before I boxed up the cake and got it ready for the trip to the school the next morning. The trip worked out fine without any problem and I got the cake to the Kitchen and was not late for class!
The cake is a lemon sheet cake with cream cheese frosting. (I like my cream cheese frosting!)

*Click on the link for a picture of what a Maypole looks like. Its a kind of dance you do while holding onto a string attached to a pole. And no that's not a picture of our school's Maypole.
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