Thursday, September 23, 2010

My One Week Internship with Julie Gale

I know we are trying to stay gluten free here but this was one experience that I just had to share.  Even though these recipes are not gluten free, some of the ideas and techniques could be helpful.

I was planning on posting this months ago but forgot, now here it is!     
     As the sight of summer vacation became visible over the dark horizon, my high school internship was coming up.  As part of this years requirements every student must go and find a profession, job, career, whatever you want to call it, that each individual finds interesting.  For one week every student is supposed to work with their "mentor" and learn about their career.  Now usually when school projects come up I am less than thrilled to partake in boring events but this was different.
      So a few months before the set practicum week, I began to think about what I was interested in.  Obviously I love food (in case you could not tell), and besides a new obsession with cars (does every teenager go though a car stage or is this real? :)), I could not think of anything else I wanted to pursue. 
      I have always been fascinated by wine making and since there is a winery somewhat close to my home, I wanted to check that out and see if I could do my internship there.  After contacting the owner of Chatham Hudson Winery and sending multiple emails back and forth, we realized that the practicum week was not the best time to visit because it would be the wineries "down time," and nothing would be happening.  The owner Dominique De Vito was very nice and understood that I was there to lean, not get wasted.  Dominique invited me to come for the internship in early fall, when school begins (I don't even want to think about school starting again, I'm just trying to get through this year!).  So I will post again about that adventure when it comes.
     Back to the real story, after contacting many other people and either not hearing back or them not having the time, I was left one week before the practicum without a practicum!  When this finally dawned upon me, I almost had a cow... wow that sounds a lot more disturbing in writing than it does out loud... anyway... I went back to the drawing board.
     With the help of my mom, yes I turned to my mom for help, we found a woman named Julie Gale in Hillsdale that owned her own teaching kitchen called At The Kitchen Table.  In the beginning I was not sure if this was going to work out because Julie was only teaching on specific weeks, and just my luck she was not teaching on my practicum.  I though this meant a no go, but I decided to contact her anyway.  And to make a long story short, it worked out!  After the tenth email everything was worked out and we arraigned to meet every morning at 8:30am at her house to test recipes. 
     As part of the requirements of the practicum we had to write a journal of our days work.  I am going to copy and paste my journal, each day as a different post so you can see some of the amazing things we made!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.  Thanks Julie for everything!

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