Saturday, September 1, 2007

c r u m b update No. 1

This is a picture of my mom and dad's anniversary cake. It is not the best cake I have made (even though I wish it was), but was planning it for weeks. This cake symbolizes two people coming and meeting in the center and living a long and happy life together. The idea is that the two solid chocolate kisses are my parents and they are crossing the chocolate bridge to get to one another. Very touching, I know, they are my parents and this is their anniversary and I wanted it to be as meaningful as possible!

c r u m b update No. 1

I am going to give you a little look at my new business and how things are going so far.

Last week I baked a few of my favorite cakes and brought them into my favorite local stores/cafe's and asked if they would like to sell my cakes. Before I get to how it went, I am going to tell you what I made for them to sample/test. I made a Chocolate Cake with an amazing chocolate frosting (I know, its very simple but...This cake with the icing is out-of-this-world. I wanted to have some classics and what's more classic than a chocolate cake?!) I made a carrot cake with the best cream cheese icing i could find (I do not think that there is a better cream cheese icing out there!) And last but not least a yummy cheese cake (It is a recipe that my mom got from one of her friends. and trust me when I say IT'S GOOD!)
Now I am just waiting, hoping, praying (OK, I'm not praying but I'm close to it :) for one of them to call.

I am still working on new recipes and ideas so I can have a large variety of different desserts and treats.

I am so happy to have a supportive family... I would not have even made it here if my parents were not constantly helping me. And thank you fellow bloggers for your support (It is a part of what is keeping me moving forward!)

Please let me know what you think of my new business and tell me if you have any advice (I think I need it)

Your Humble blogger and friend,

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