Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Summer Plants

This year my mom decided to grow cucumbers in the garden. I had never grown cucumbers so I had no idea that the plant looked almost like a long vine that stretched across path-ways and into the next flower bed. They started out as small yellow flowers that sprung out from the prickly vines. As time passed small little swells in the vines appeared underneath the flower. The swells grew bigger and bigger soon the flower died and fell off leaving a whole ripe yummy cucumber for someone to pick! The plant is so big that it is still flowering and making cucumbers! I love walking in the almost nonexistent paths to the Vinny mess and feeling my way through the leaves looking for a cucumber the right size.

We also have a wild grape vine that is hanging from a tree across the drive way. We have watched them go from green to blue to purple. Its almost time to pick them and they look so good! This is going to be the first year picking them and hopefully it will be worth pulling out the tallest ladder to reach them :)

Summer is coming to a close. The weather has gotten cooler and the leaves are just starting to get gold, orange and red. Enjoy the rest of the summer while it lasts, all the smells and fresh air, the veggies and fruit, the warmth, the grass between your toes and the beautiful walks in the woods. Take it in while its still here!

scarlet runner beans

prickly cucumber that is almost at its picking point

wild grapes about to turn purple.

Happy Fall :)
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Amy said...

Lovely pictures, Dylan! And I just saw the picture of the anniversary cake you made for your parents--it's gorgeous. I'm thinking of Crumb, and I'm hoping you soon hear great things from all the bakeries and cafes you took your cakes to! Good luck!