Saturday, September 1, 2007

GF Waffles

This recipe have many different variations, you can add chocolate chips and make them even better!

You will need a 6 ½ inch waffle iron
Makes 8, 6 ½ inch waffles

If Using Pamelas…

2 – cups Pamelas Baking mix
1 ¾ - cups milk
6 – tablespoons vegetable oil (I found that olive oil works just as well)
2 – large eggs
½ cup chocolate chip morsels (optional)

If Not Using Pamerlas…

2 – cups flour (you can use your favorite Gluten Free flour or baking mix)
2 – tablespoons sugar (if you are using a mix of different flours and in the ingredients it has sugar already, the extra sugar mentioned here may not be needed!)**
1 – tablespoon baking powder*
½ - teaspoon salt*
1 ¾ - cups milk
6 – tablespoons vegetable oil (like I said above, I found that olive oil works just as well)
2 – large eggs
½ cup chocolate chip morsels (optional)

**With the sugar you may have to test and see if it needs it (it depends how sweet you like them)
*With the baking powder and salt you probably don’t need it if your four mix already had salt and baking powder in it. You may have to test a little and some up with your own version that works with your flour mix.

The Procedure

Mix all the ingredients together by hand or with a mixer (I mix it by hand because the hard labor stimulates the appetite J ) until combine. Let better sit a few minutes before cooking/baking (does the waffle iron cook or bake?) Spray the top and bottom grills of the waffle iron (spray is more convenient than butter because its harder to coat the grills with a stick of butter. It does not always get into the crevices) pour ½ cup of batter onto the bottom grill towards the center. Most waffle irons have timers or settings like your toaster, like how brown do you want them to be. But if yours does not have one you need to cook of approx. 3 minutes, resulting in a crispy, golden brown outside and a soft inside. Keep an eye on your waffles during cooking, every brand of waffle iron had different cooking times.

Serve with: ice cream – fresh fruit – Nutella heated up with a little milk or cream – maple syrup – Jam and/or jelly!
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Sarah said...

This recipe makes very good waffles, Dylan! I just whipped some up for me and a friend, and they were ridiculous. I used mixed fruit braised in brown sugar, vanilla, and butter as a topping, and it was definitely a hit! :)

Thanks for the recipe!