Saturday, September 1, 2007

c r u m b

I have just started my own business. (yes I may be a little young, and no I am not going to let that stop me!) I have always loved making cakes, and desserts so I am going to keep pushing foward. I am going to/already selling my baked goodies to other stores around my home town. I have baked for my own gradutaion (3 cakes fully decorated, 1 Gluten Free cake, and 40+ cupcakes.) I know stress. Imagine catering the desserts for your graduation and having to worry about being on time and the cakes not melting, the icing not getting squished and smashed, and having all the right utensils to fix any transportation glitches. Above all that I still had to do everything to prepare myself! (shower, pick out/get clothing, and all the other stuff a guy has to do!) Now back to the subject, I have also catered for a friend's birthday 2 years in a row. (He and his parents have always been happy and amazed with the final product.) I also used to sell molded chocolates at my grandparents' store. So now I am moving onto the next level. Right now it's calling to me and saying "Dylan, you must start your own dessert business before school starts again. If you do not complete this task before school you will be doomed for the rest of the year!" Something like that... So now you have it, a little look at why I am so insane as to sart something like this. What it comes down to, is that I have always wanted to do this and now the opportunity has come! My future is calling to me :)

My new busniess is called...

c r u m b

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