Saturday, September 1, 2007

My Graduation

For my 8th grade graduation I was asked to make the desserts. I was thrilled and could hardly wait to begin. I started planning and drawing out ideas. For the next few days I don't think I did any school work! After figuring out what kind of cakes I was going to make, I started to get a list of things I would need. After shopping for stuff, I started baking and making the frostings. And then baking some more and making some more frosting. Repeating until completed. Then the big day came. I finished just in time without cutting any corners. I arrived at my school (where the graduation was to be held) and started setting the cakes up. Now I am still amazed I pulled this whole thing off with only some help from my parents who totally kept me going. I got so many compliments that I could of drowned! I only wish I could have made them Gluten Free. Here are some pictures of the awesome cakes and desserts I made! (even if I do say so myself)

White chocolate coconut cake with butter cream frosting

Chocolate cake with butter cream frosting and fondant circles

A piece of each of the cakes that I made. (Even though you were only meant to have one slice.) Well I had to make sure that it all tasted good! :)

French genoise cake with chocolate ganache frosting with strawberries and white chocolate

I also made some cupcakes and a Gluten Free chocolate cake for my dad and brother, so they could enjoy and celebrate with us.
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