Saturday, September 1, 2007

Dylan and Karen’s Banana Bliss

CAUTION: VERY HOT OIL IS NEEDED AND CAN BURN YOUR SKIN! :( 2 – Bananas 1 – Cup Really Great Food co. pancake mix 2-3 – Paper bags 2 – Tablespoons oil (a better oil for eating) App. 3 Cups frying oil 1 – large egg (mixed in a small bowl with a fork) 2 – Teaspoons of cinnamon Powdered sugar for garnish Cut bananas to about 1 inch or a little bigger. Put the App. 3 cups of frying oil in a big pot and start heating it up. Put the pancake mix, the good oil, egg, cinnamon and bananas in the paper bag (you may need to double the bags). Then close the bag and shake it up well so the bananas are covered with the flower and egg mixture. Take some tongs and put the bananas pieces in the VERY HOT OIL. After about a few seconds (10 sec. –1 minute) look to see if they are done. (To tell if the bananas are done, they should have a light brown color to them; they should be warm and have a little bit of a crust.) If they are done, take the bananas out of the oil and put them out on a plate with paper towel on it and let drain off any extra oil. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and enjoy! Serve warm!

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